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April 4 – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Viewing Party – Kemah

Building plans started in November and within weeks the project was off the ground and running.  Blu Shields, of Blu Shields Construction and Patrick Henderson, of Energy Solution Homes, pulled together a team of Trades and Support Leads to make up their Cobra team. What normally would take 6 months to plan, took less than 6 weeks.  What normally would take days to pull together was done in hours.  No time was wasted, decisions were made in a flash and even throughout the holidays the Cobra Team worked together, pushing this huge dream into reality.

On January 4th, the pep rally was held and our community responded. Close to 4000 people volunteered to work the build, day and night.  Hundreds of trade partners volunteered materials, supplies, labor and time. It was an amazing outpour of a community coming together. 

January 7th was the Door Knock day, the day the Beach family members were officially told that they were going to receive a new home… one amazing week. Seven days later, the family returned to Delesandri Street to find a beautiful, huge two-story home. Their dream home was standing where their 32’ trailer once was. 

On Easter Sunday, April 4th, the culmination of the Extreme Makeover season, the Kemah build aired. The story of the Beach family was told while Volunteers and Trades came together one more time. 

Listen in as some of the party goers tell Talk of the Bay a little bit about their own experience. 

Editor’s Note: Behind the Scenes DVDs, focusing on the volunteers and trades that worked the Extreme build in Kemah are available on The DVD is 66 minutes and includes behind the scenes video, photography, interviews, time lapse of the build, and a photo montage. It's just $15 (includes postage and handling) Click here to get your copy. 


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