Shots of Extreme Makeover gal 1
photos by Lynn Nielson
island imaging

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Lynn Nielsen – Island Imaging

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to be one of photographers on the Extreme Makeover Home Edition. I was privileged everyday to be a part of this amazing group of volunteers, all coming from a space in the heart that we rarely see in everyday life. I watched people pull together, I saw laughter, I saw tears, I watched as people pushed through their comfort zones and be rewarded with nothing but a good feeling of being a part of something so big for a family in need, stranger's.

My love and gratitude to Blu Shields, Patrick, Oscar, Kourtny, and the whole family for who you are and what has been done here. To Chiquita and Eddie who trusted me to be creative and get behind the scenes. To every volunteer, this couldn't have happened without you, from the ground clearing, to the roof, for every meal and cup of hot chocolate, every hole dug, every wire, board, the Art team, the production crew who smiled and put up with me, getting in the way; ) and didn't yell, people doing whatever it was you did...  "I noticed"  My heart is full and I am surely a better person for working on this project.

In gratitude, Lynn Nielsen

DSC_5938 DSC_5939 DSC_5943 DSC_5945
DSC_5938.jpg DSC_5939.jpg DSC_5943.jpg DSC_5945.jpg
DSC_5946 DSC_5950 DSC_5954 DSC_5956
DSC_5946.jpg DSC_5950.jpg DSC_5954.jpg DSC_5956.jpg
DSC_5959 DSC_5965 DSC_5968 DSC_5974
DSC_5959.jpg DSC_5965.jpg DSC_5968.jpg DSC_5974.jpg
DSC_5978 DSC_5980 DSC_5991 DSC_5992
DSC_5978.jpg DSC_5980.jpg DSC_5991.jpg DSC_5992.jpg
DSC_5994 DSC_5996 DSC_5997 DSC_5999
DSC_5994.jpg DSC_5996.jpg DSC_5997.jpg DSC_5999.jpg
DSC_6000 DSC_6002 DSC_6007 DSC_6016
DSC_6000.jpg DSC_6002.jpg DSC_6007.jpg DSC_6016.jpg
DSC_6018 DSC_6020 DSC_6023 DSC_6029
DSC_6018.jpg DSC_6020.jpg DSC_6023.jpg DSC_6029.jpg
DSC_6032 DSC_6033 DSC_6040 DSC_6041
DSC_6032.jpg DSC_6033.jpg DSC_6040.jpg DSC_6041.jpg
DSC_6042 DSC_6046 DSC_6055 DSC_6056
DSC_6042.jpg DSC_6046.jpg DSC_6055.jpg DSC_6056.jpg
DSC_6058 DSC_6068 DSC_6075 DSC_6076
DSC_6058.jpg DSC_6068.jpg DSC_6075.jpg DSC_6076.jpg
DSC_6079 DSC_6080 DSC_6081 DSC_6083
DSC_6079.jpg DSC_6080.jpg DSC_6081.jpg DSC_6083.jpg
DSC_6088 DSC_6090 DSC_6095 DSC_6097
DSC_6088.jpg DSC_6090.jpg DSC_6095.jpg DSC_6097.jpg
DSC_6103 DSC_6109 DSC_6110 DSC_6114
DSC_6103.jpg DSC_6109.jpg DSC_6110.jpg DSC_6114.jpg
DSC_6116 DSC_6119 DSC_6124 DSC_6125
DSC_6116.jpg DSC_6119.jpg DSC_6124.jpg DSC_6125.jpg
DSC_6127 DSC_6131 DSC_6135 DSC_6139
DSC_6127.jpg DSC_6131.jpg DSC_6135.jpg DSC_6139.jpg
DSC_6148 DSC_6154 DSC_6171 DSC_6174
DSC_6148.jpg DSC_6154.jpg DSC_6171.jpg DSC_6174.jpg
DSC_6176 DSC_6180 DSC_6182 DSC_6187
DSC_6176.jpg DSC_6180.jpg DSC_6182.jpg DSC_6187.jpg
DSC_6188 DSC_6196 DSC_6197 DSC_6198
DSC_6188.jpg DSC_6196.jpg DSC_6197.jpg DSC_6198.jpg
DSC_6200 DSC_6205 DSC_6207 DSC_6208
DSC_6200.jpg DSC_6205.jpg DSC_6207.jpg DSC_6208.jpg
DSC_6220 DSC_6223 DSC_6232 DSC_6234
DSC_6220.jpg DSC_6223.jpg DSC_6232.jpg DSC_6234.jpg
DSC_6238 DSC_6239 DSC_6242 DSC_6244
DSC_6238.jpg DSC_6239.jpg DSC_6242.jpg DSC_6244.jpg
DSC_6251 DSC_6253 DSC_6254 DSC_6258
DSC_6251.jpg DSC_6253.jpg DSC_6254.jpg DSC_6258.jpg
DSC_6265 DSC_6274 DSC_6281 DSC_6288
DSC_6265.jpg DSC_6274.jpg DSC_6281.jpg DSC_6288.jpg
DSC_6299 DSC_6300 DSC_6307 DSC_6314
DSC_6299.jpg DSC_6300.jpg DSC_6307.jpg DSC_6314.jpg
DSC_6316 DSC_6323 DSC_6328 DSC_6335
DSC_6316.jpg DSC_6323.jpg DSC_6328.jpg DSC_6335.jpg
DSC_6345 DSC_6348 DSC_6351 DSC_6366
DSC_6345.jpg DSC_6348.jpg DSC_6351.jpg DSC_6366.jpg
DSC_6372 DSC_6376 DSC_6378 DSC_6382
DSC_6372.jpg DSC_6376.jpg DSC_6378.jpg DSC_6382.jpg
DSC_6383 DSC_6386 DSC_6389 DSC_6390
DSC_6383.jpg DSC_6386.jpg DSC_6389.jpg DSC_6390.jpg
DSC_6394 DSC_6403 DSC_6406 DSC_6415
DSC_6394.jpg DSC_6403.jpg DSC_6406.jpg DSC_6415.jpg
DSC_6420 DSC_6424 DSC_6431 DSC_6441
DSC_6420.jpg DSC_6424.jpg DSC_6431.jpg DSC_6441.jpg
DSC_6444 DSC_6447 DSC_6450 DSC_6452
DSC_6444.jpg DSC_6447.jpg DSC_6450.jpg DSC_6452.jpg
DSC_6454 DSC_6462 DSC_6467 DSC_6470
DSC_6454.jpg DSC_6462.jpg DSC_6467.jpg DSC_6470.jpg
DSC_6474 DSC_6477 DSC_6484 DSC_6485
DSC_6474.jpg DSC_6477.jpg DSC_6484.jpg DSC_6485.jpg
DSC_6488 DSC_6490 DSC_6504 DSC_6514
DSC_6488.jpg DSC_6490.jpg DSC_6504.jpg DSC_6514.jpg
DSC_6518 DSC_6524 DSC_6532 DSC_6539
DSC_6518.jpg DSC_6524.jpg DSC_6532.jpg DSC_6539.jpg
DSC_6540 DSC_6541 DSC_6542 DSC_6547
DSC_6540.jpg DSC_6541.jpg DSC_6542.jpg DSC_6547.jpg
DSC_6550 DSC_6552 DSC_6554 DSC_6563
DSC_6550.jpg DSC_6552.jpg DSC_6554.jpg DSC_6563.jpg
DSC_6575 DSC_6581 DSC_6586 DSC_6587
DSC_6575.jpg DSC_6581.jpg DSC_6586.jpg DSC_6587.jpg
DSC_6588 DSC_6591 DSC_6592 DSC_6596
DSC_6588.jpg DSC_6591.jpg DSC_6592.jpg DSC_6596.jpg
DSC_6597 DSC_6599 DSC_6605 DSC_6611
DSC_6597.jpg DSC_6599.jpg DSC_6605.jpg DSC_6611.jpg
DSC_6615 DSC_6619 DSC_6623 DSC_6626
DSC_6615.jpg DSC_6619.jpg DSC_6623.jpg DSC_6626.jpg