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January 14 – Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - Kemah

We got back to the site early Thursday morning to see the overnight crew working feverishly in a race against the clock.  Some of the outside trim still needed to be hung and the inside was still being painted.  For the next few hours, all of us anxiously we moved furniture into the house, trying to avoid those volunteers still working on the walls.  Theme rooms and bathrooms were decorated then put on hold for inspection by the design team.  Some passed and some did not, redo’s were done as many as four times…all the time the clock is ticking away but everything had to be perfect for the Reveal. 

While all of this was happening inside, there was a lot of activity going on outside also.  The production crew were doing takes and retakes on The Bus rolling up to the house, crowds cheered and then they would do it again.  The same routine for the limousine, which would eventually carry the family down Delesandri Street…take one, two, three, four.  Then of course, the famous “Move That Bus” segment was filmed over and over again.  And in all of this, the crowds of people that came to see the Reveal stood in the rain waiting for the ‘real’ moment of truth. 

And then it all happened, the bus pulled into place, the limo drove up, and the Beach family stepped out of the car; the excitement mounted.  And finally….the cries of “Move That Bus” actually worked.   Excitement peaked , as the bus pulled away and the family saw their new home for the first time.  Larry Beach’s expression was precious, complete disbelief and complete wonderment as the whole family looked at the beautiful two story home.   Tears of joy, excitement and disbelief were shed by everyone including the onlookers.  Volunteers, with arms waving in the air,  roared as the Beach family entered their new home. 
From a tiny white trailer to a wonderland home, life has changed forever for the Beach 15.  Listen in to Talk of the Bay and check out our photos. 

Editor’s Note:
Eddie and I are so blessed to have been asked to participate in this project.  It was, needless to say, filled with high energy weeks prior to the Build Week and EXTREME Energy during the Build Week.  But every day and night that we were there, we say smiling faces; from the volunteers wrapped in layers of clothes to the production crew.  It was a wonderful experience.

Working with the volunteers was amazing and there were times that the production crew was hysterical.  The ladies on the behind the scenes design team were awesome and very friendly.  Michael, Tracy and Paul were very approachable and down to earth.  Again, it was a wonderful experience. Thank you to all and a very special thank you to our own Behind The Scenes photographers and videographers…You guys were awesome, you captured and documented everything, and I do mean everything happening behind the scenes, 24/7.   Way to go! 

We will be posting more videos and photos over the next 6-8 weeks and even more once this 2 hour episode is aired in March. So be sure to stay tuned we’ll keep you updated on the when/where/how of what is coming up next.

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