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Eddie Harper

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Extreme Makeover: Home edition – Day 7

A sight to behold! The front columns and shutters are now painted white, landscaping still in progress, palm trees planted, oak trees arriving, and the fence around the property is in place. Appliances are being installed while painters, paper hangers, and floor installers are busy inside adding finishing touches. The interior is magical, and you will see it all in March when the show airs. As well as the enormous backyard that is being turned into a wonderland for the Beach children. Brick paver walkways in the front and back will welcome the family as they return home in just a few short hours. The 5700 sq. ft. home containing eight bedrooms will no doubt make their day!  So now it’s a race against the clock.
Listen in to Talk of the Bay and get the latest updates on this huge community driven project. 

The Beach family of 15 is spending their last two days in Florida.  Everyone involved in this project is anxiously awaiting their return to show off this fantastic new home for this very deserving family. gallery 1 gallery 2

IMG_3427 IMG_3428 IMG_3429 IMG_3430
IMG_3427.jpg IMG_3428.jpg IMG_3429.jpg IMG_3430.jpg
IMG_3431 IMG_3433 IMG_3434 IMG_3435
IMG_3431.jpg IMG_3433.jpg IMG_3434.jpg IMG_3435.jpg
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IMG_3438.jpg IMG_3439.jpg IMG_3440.jpg IMG_3441.jpg
IMG_3442 IMG_3443 IMG_3444 IMG_3446
IMG_3442.jpg IMG_3443.jpg IMG_3444.jpg IMG_3446.jpg
IMG_3447 IMG_3448 IMG_3449 IMG_3452
IMG_3447.jpg IMG_3448.jpg IMG_3449.jpg IMG_3452.jpg
IMG_3453 IMG_3454 IMG_3455 IMG_3457
IMG_3453.jpg IMG_3454.jpg IMG_3455.jpg IMG_3457.jpg
IMG_3458 IMG_3459 IMG_3460 IMG_3461
IMG_3458.jpg IMG_3459.jpg IMG_3460.jpg IMG_3461.jpg
IMG_3462 IMG_3463 IMG_3464 IMG_3465
IMG_3462.jpg IMG_3463.jpg IMG_3464.jpg IMG_3465.jpg
IMG_3466 IMG_3467 IMG_3468 IMG_3469
IMG_3466.jpg IMG_3467.jpg IMG_3468.jpg IMG_3469.jpg
IMG_3471 IMG_3472 IMG_3473 IMG_3474
IMG_3471.jpg IMG_3472.jpg IMG_3473.jpg IMG_3474.jpg
IMG_3476 IMG_3477 IMG_3478 IMG_3479
IMG_3476.jpg IMG_3477.jpg IMG_3478.jpg IMG_3479.jpg
IMG_3480 IMG_3481 IMG_3482 IMG_3483
IMG_3480.jpg IMG_3481.jpg IMG_3482.jpg IMG_3483.jpg
IMG_3485 IMG_3486 IMG_3487 IMG_3488
IMG_3485.jpg IMG_3486.jpg IMG_3487.jpg IMG_3488.jpg
IMG_3489 IMG_3490 IMG_3492 IMG_3494
IMG_3489.jpg IMG_3490.jpg IMG_3492.jpg IMG_3494.jpg
IMG_3498 IMG_3500 IMG_3502 IMG_3504
IMG_3498.jpg IMG_3500.jpg IMG_3502.jpg IMG_3504.jpg
IMG_3505 IMG_3506 IMG_3507 IMG_3509
IMG_3505.jpg IMG_3506.jpg IMG_3507.jpg IMG_3509.jpg
IMG_3513 IMG_3514 IMG_3515 IMG_3516
IMG_3513.jpg IMG_3514.jpg IMG_3515.jpg IMG_3516.jpg
IMG_3518 IMG_3520 IMG_3521 IMG_3522
IMG_3518.jpg IMG_3520.jpg IMG_3521.jpg IMG_3522.jpg
IMG_3523 IMG_3527 IMG_3528 IMG_3531
IMG_3523.jpg IMG_3527.jpg IMG_3528.jpg IMG_3531.jpg
IMG_3532 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3536
IMG_3532.jpg IMG_3534.jpg IMG_3535.jpg IMG_3536.jpg
IMG_3537 IMG_3538 IMG_3539 IMG_3540
IMG_3537.jpg IMG_3538.jpg IMG_3539.jpg IMG_3540.jpg
IMG_3543 IMG_3544 IMG_3548 IMG_3550
IMG_3543.jpg IMG_3544.jpg IMG_3548.jpg IMG_3550.jpg
IMG_3557 IMG_3559 IMG_3560 IMG_3561
IMG_3557.jpg IMG_3559.jpg IMG_3560.jpg IMG_3561.jpg
IMG_3563 IMG_3564 IMG_3565 IMG_3566
IMG_3563.jpg IMG_3564.jpg IMG_3565.jpg IMG_3566.jpg
IMG_3569 IMG_3570 IMG_3571 IMG_3572
IMG_3569.jpg IMG_3570.jpg IMG_3571.jpg IMG_3572.jpg
IMG_3573 IMG_3574 IMG_3575 IMG_3576
IMG_3573.jpg IMG_3574.jpg IMG_3575.jpg IMG_3576.jpg
IMG_3578 IMG_3579 IMG_3580 IMG_3581
IMG_3578.jpg IMG_3579.jpg IMG_3580.jpg IMG_3581.jpg
IMG_3582 IMG_3583 IMG_3584 IMG_3585
IMG_3582.jpg IMG_3583.jpg IMG_3584.jpg IMG_3585.jpg
IMG_3586 IMG_3587 IMG_3588 IMG_3589
IMG_3586.jpg IMG_3587.jpg IMG_3588.jpg IMG_3589.jpg
IMG_3590 IMG_3591 IMG_3592 IMG_3594
IMG_3590.jpg IMG_3591.jpg IMG_3592.jpg IMG_3594.jpg
IMG_3595 IMG_3596 IMG_3597 IMG_3599
IMG_3595.jpg IMG_3596.jpg IMG_3597.jpg IMG_3599.jpg
IMG_3600 IMG_3602 IMG_3603 IMG_3604
IMG_3600.jpg IMG_3602.jpg IMG_3603.jpg IMG_3604.jpg
IMG_3605 IMG_3606 IMG_3607 IMG_3609
IMG_3605.jpg IMG_3606.jpg IMG_3607.jpg IMG_3609.jpg
IMG_3610 IMG_3611 IMG_3613 IMG_3614
IMG_3610.jpg IMG_3611.jpg IMG_3613.jpg IMG_3614.jpg
IMG_3615 IMG_3616 IMG_3617 IMG_3618
IMG_3615.jpg IMG_3616.jpg IMG_3617.jpg IMG_3618.jpg
IMG_3620 IMG_3621 IMG_3622 IMG_3623
IMG_3620.jpg IMG_3621.jpg IMG_3622.jpg IMG_3623.jpg
IMG_3625 IMG_3626 IMG_3627 IMG_3628
IMG_3625.jpg IMG_3626.jpg IMG_3627.jpg IMG_3628.jpg
IMG_3629 IMG_3631    
IMG_3629.jpg IMG_3631.jpg