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Extreme Makeover: Home edition – Day 4

The cranes are hovering 100 ft. tall above the build site as craftsmen, vendors and volunteers work 24/7 in this unusual frigid weather to keep the Extreme Makeover:Home Edition project on schedule. Dry wall, Hardie board and paint have been delivered, and interior of the house will be primed late tonight.

Walls, windows, siding and exterior columns all happened on Day 4. 
In spite of the extremely cold weather the work continued on the Beach home.  Hundreds of volunteers worked around the clock to keep up with the extreme work schedule. 

Listen in as Toni Randall, Mayor of League City and the owner of Kemah Hardware, and representatives of Hardie Siding tell Talk of The Bay about their role with the project and Eddie takes a stroll upstairs.

The Beach family of 15 is relaxing in Florida while their dream home is underway, but they have been able to watch snippets of the build progress via computer as Ty Pennington gives them updates.

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