Shots of Extreme Makeover Home Edition
photos by David Paulissen
Paulissen Photography 

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Paulissen Photography

This shoot was such a learning experience for me. While I have been around construction all of my life I never had the experience to document it on this scale.  As an avid amateur photographer, this opportunity let me grow and become more secure in my photographic skills.  All of this and it was for such a great and wonderful cause.  I remember the build and the 20 degree weather. I was proud to shoot under these conditions and hope it contributes to the documentation of this overwhelming event.  The world needs more people like the Beach's and shows like EMHE to give help and put their story out for the world to see. I was honored to contribute to this cause. 

Thanks, David A Paulissen

20100109_2782 20100109_2788 20100109_2798 20100109_2802
20100109_2782.jpg 20100109_2788.jpg 20100109_2798.jpg 20100109_2802.jpg
20100109_2805 20100109_2810 20100109_2811 20100109_2814
20100109_2805.jpg 20100109_2810.jpg 20100109_2811.jpg 20100109_2814.jpg
20100109_2815 IMG_2444 _MG_2313 _MG_2314
20100109_2815.jpg IMG_2444.jpg _MG_2313.jpg _MG_2314.jpg
_MG_2316 _MG_2324 _MG_2327 _MG_2331
_MG_2316.jpg _MG_2324.jpg _MG_2327.jpg _MG_2331.jpg
_MG_2334 _MG_2336 _MG_2338 _MG_2341
_MG_2334.jpg _MG_2336.jpg _MG_2338.jpg _MG_2341.jpg
_MG_2347 _MG_2348 _MG_2349 _MG_2352
_MG_2347.jpg _MG_2348.jpg _MG_2349.jpg _MG_2352.jpg
_MG_2354 _MG_2356 _MG_2357 _MG_2361
_MG_2354.jpg _MG_2356.jpg _MG_2357.jpg _MG_2361.jpg
_MG_2364 _MG_2365 _MG_2371 _MG_2375
_MG_2364.jpg _MG_2365.jpg _MG_2371.jpg _MG_2375.jpg
_MG_2379 _MG_2381 _MG_2382 _MG_2384
_MG_2379.jpg _MG_2381.jpg _MG_2382.jpg _MG_2384.jpg
_MG_2387 _MG_2394 _MG_2395 _MG_2398
_MG_2387.jpg _MG_2394.jpg _MG_2395.jpg _MG_2398.jpg
_MG_2399 _MG_2402 _MG_2406 _MG_2407
_MG_2399.jpg _MG_2402.jpg _MG_2406.jpg _MG_2407.jpg
_MG_2409 _MG_2414 _MG_2415 _MG_2418
_MG_2409.jpg _MG_2414.jpg _MG_2415.jpg _MG_2418.jpg
_MG_2420 _MG_2424 _MG_2425 _MG_2427
_MG_2420.jpg _MG_2424.jpg _MG_2425.jpg _MG_2427.jpg
_MG_2435 _MG_2436 _MG_2439 _MG_2443
_MG_2435.jpg _MG_2436.jpg _MG_2439.jpg _MG_2443.jpg
_MG_2445 _MG_2446 _MG_2447 _MG_2450
_MG_2445.jpg _MG_2446.jpg _MG_2447.jpg _MG_2450.jpg
_MG_2452 _MG_2456 _MG_2458 _MG_2461
_MG_2452.jpg _MG_2456.jpg _MG_2458.jpg _MG_2461.jpg